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From Montevideo to Parque del Plata

From Montevideo to Parque del Plata


If you’re traveling to Uruguay from points overseas, your flight will probably arrive in Montevideo. Before you begin your journey to Via Park Hotel in Parque del Plata, take in a few sights in Montevideo and Atlantida.


Montevideo: Mercado del Puerto

An Art Deco structure called Mercado del Puerto sits in the heart of Montevideo’s old city. It houses an airy market space, where vendors sell crafts, jewelry and artwork. Some visitors come in search of souvenirs, but others seek out a meaty meal at one of the many parillas that populate the market.


Old Montevideo

Mercado del Puerta Montevideo

Described by Travel Channel writer Anthony Bourdain as Meatopia, hungry travelers watch the talented chefs grill and season thousands of cuts of meat. Each course of the meal features a different cut of meat. After lunch, visit the Carnival Museum, located across from the Mercado del Puerto at 218 25 de Agosto de 1825 Promenade. The museum features a chronological history of carnival events and their associated costumes.


Montevideo: Castillo Pittamiglio

A castle hides within Montevideo’ trendy Pocitos neighborhood. It sits within two high-rise buildings. A replica statue of the Victory of Samothrace, marks its entrance. Welcome to Castillo Pittamiglio. As you explore the castle’s many labyrinths, it becomes evident that its architect Humberto Pittamiglio, was a student of alchemy. The tour guides explain that the square, circular, and octagonal rooms symbolize earth, the heavens, and the mid-point between the two. Students of mystic arts will recognize a variety of Templar, Masonic, and Rosicrucian symbols.

A Montevideo castle

Castillo Pittamiglio Montevideo

Onward to Atlantida

Once you reach Atlantida, you’re almost at the Via Park Hotel. Make one stop along the way, and check out the famous Eagle. El Aguila, as its called, resulted from a meeting of the minds between an Italian millionaire and an architect. In 1945, Natalio Michelizzi asked Uruguayan builder Juan Torres to construct a statue of the Virgin Mary. Torres decided that his wealthy client really needed a house in the shape of an eagle. Most people would have been enraged, but Michelizzi decided to use the strange dwelling for meditating, painting and partying.



That’s enough touring. In a few minutes, you’ll arrive in Parque del Plata and the Via Park Hotel. Kick off your shoes, relax on the beach and enjoy the technicolor sunsets.




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