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South America Road Trip! Interested? Let us know right here!

11 August 2013

With a tip of the hat to “Animal House,” it occurs to us at the Viapark Hotel, here in Parque del Plata, just an hour out from Montevideo on the currently-chilly Costa de Oro, that a road trip or three might be in order.  As the frosty Uruguayan winter crawls toward spring, this ‘ol bear’s thoughts drift towards warmth…

People enjoying the covered hot springs

Termas de Daymán in Salto, Uruguay

To this end we’ve been nose-to-keyboard trolling for hot springs, bus charters, good eating places, fun shopping, and similar sybaritic toys. The emerging image is a trial 3 or 4 day “run-away” with a group of nearby English speakers + local friends – thinking a (nice) charter-bus leaving Hotel Viapark in Parque Del Plata, off to a neat hotel at the Dayman Termas (hot springs) near Salto, bubble a few days, bus brings us back here.  Maybe some solo side shopping/sightseeing trips into Salto, local buses run frequently I’m told. Costs hopefully on the $125-$225 level per person at first glance, influenced  by the number of players, time of week, destination hotel, bus company — on and on.  We will need 20 to 40 folks on board to make these numbers work.  Thinking of a trip soon, last week August or first part of September.

If this sounds interesting, leave a comment right on this news article here, right on the website! Every News/Events article here on the Viapark Hotel Blog has a place for you to comment and give us feedback, and discuss with each other too! No new account or ID needed – you can use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account (Gmail, YouTube) to comment right here on our Disqus comment system, or a Disqus ID you might already have used for big sites like that use it – we’re on the same system!

Or if you like, Tweet us on our @ViaparkHotel Twitter account – from your own Twitter app, browser, or right on the side of every webpage here! Folks we don’t know (yet), please join in! We are pretty much half way between Punta del Este and Montevideo, so any Montevideo Expats, Punta del Este Expats, Piriápolis Expats, or general Costa de Oro Uruguay English speakers, join in! (Please be aware that our website, comments, Twitter, Facebook Disqus, Google+, are of course, open to the Whole Wide World of the World Wide Web, so no personal financial details please. If you want to discuss private stuff like what dates you prefer to go, budget, etc., please email us at and not post it in public here. )

As a nose-count emerges, we will get specifics on  where/when/cost etc.  If we all have fun there are lots of fascinating places in the southern cone to explore – Iguazu Falls, Machu Pichu, Patagonia……

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Mark Mercer 11 August 2013 22:05

This sounds awesome! I’m tired of going through all the garrafas for heat! Achy bones over here too! Not sure if I can make it but seriously considering. Probably 3-4 days max for me or for Lisa. Pricing “ballpark” of mid-100’s USD to low 200’s per person sounds pretty reasonable. (Hey, what’s the equivalent of “ballpark estimate” here in Uruguay, given no beisból acá?)

Early in Sept would probably work better than late in Aug, given other “stuff” we have to do…

Lauren Robydek 12 August 2013 14:14

Sounds like a blast- wish we could join! Maybe another roadtrip can be planned when we’re out that way…

JasonR 13 August 2013 19:30

When are you planning Iguazu? Will it be bus or plane involved? Do I need a visa?

    Viapark 20 August 2013 12:44

    Hi Jason
    We haven’t set a date for the Iguazu trip yet, I’ll get with you as soon as times solidify. Regarding the visa question, my understanding is that folks with a U.S. passport can travel to Argentina and Paraguay without one but a trip to Brazil needs a visa. Recent local rumor has it that this may have changed, and that Argentina may now be looking for visa’s too. I will get all the info as the trip comes together and include it in the posting.

Marian W. 20 August 2013 11:37

I would LOVE to go Jerry as I’ve arthrosis in spine, from bra line to waist down! ain’t getting any younger. Years come ON not go back! Termas sounds lovely! I haven’t been to Dayman, only to Arapey. But these look wonderful! Count me in ok?

Prices like Mark can pay up to for me too. What date planned? …….so I can schedule ,as I’m ever so busy since I retired……….. What I missed these last 3 years is amazing! besos Marian

    Viapark 20 August 2013 12:53

    Hi Marian
    Just working on dates this morning, with luck we will leave Monday Sept 9 and return the following Thursday. I’ll get with you again as soon as it firms up.

    Looking forward to it


Marian W. 20 August 2013 12:03

Will find friends that w’d like to travel Jerry, so that we can have a full bus!! By the way I’ve got a friend that has a small travel agency and has got 2 buses ( 44 seaters and bathroom) and also got a large van……micro they call it here. Fits 28 pax. They can pick up people from Montevideo and from there on to the Hotel for events for people without car like me. Can be visa-a-versa forjourney Salto. Want me to

contact her for this trip? Special rates for me. bsos MW

    Jerry 22 August 2013 12:25

    Hey Marian – At the moment I only have about a dozen folks who want to go along, looking like we might not have enough bodies to make it cost effective:(. Curious about your friend with the buses and van though, if you can check prices with her we might be able to make it work, Thinking of leaving sept 9, a monday, and coming back thurs sept 12. Here’s hoping it comes together

Marian Whitaker 23 August 2013 13:46

Will call my friend, jerry. What are the rates you want to know exaclly? Bus and Micro from Atlantida to Dayman? I will jump into the bus in Monte and be in Atlantida in 1 hour.

    Jerry 25 August 2013 11:12

    Hey Marian – if we could get prices for both that would be great! When we get hard numbers we can send a final query around, set a firm schedule. Thanks for your help

Marian Whitaker 26 August 2013 03:22

I called my friend Friday. She said she would mail me back with prices. As soon as I receive it, I’ll forward it to you. besos to my bear friend ! We”ll leave the OLD out shall we?