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A New Ex-Pat Business!! Minnesota Style Sausages & Smoked Stuff

20 August 2013

As a kid Jim Wiemann worked in butcher shops in his hometown in Minnesota. He learned how to trim, grind, spice, stuff, smoke, and generally create the family of tasty stuff our ancestors brought us from Europe. Those of us new to the Southern Cone frequently opine that local foods here are something less than exciting, “spicy” often being a term from our  fondly remembered past.

That has come to a halt with the birth of the J&M Sausage Factory, a new start-up here in the Costa Del Oro village of Marindia. Jim and his wife Mariellen offer a range of absolutely delicious goodstuff: Spicy Italian & Bratwurst Link Sausages, Ground Italian Sausage or Bratwurst by the Kilo, Smoked Bacon and Bondiola from their own smokehouse, Swedish Style Potato Sausage, German Liverwurst ….. the list goes on.

They are now some 6  months into the adventure, life is looking good as the kinks get worked out and the operation settles into a routine. We here at the ViaPark proudly feature the entire range of products in our restaurant, northern hemisphere breakfasts being a  house specialty.

We welcome the J&M Sausage Factory to our growing English-speaking community, each passing month sees our ranks swell both with visitors exploring here for the first time and folks who have made the decision to drop anchor and make this their home. We wish Jim & Mariellen the very best in this venture, It’s a pleasure to have them on board.


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Mark Mercer 20 August 2013 16:57

Yummy stuff. I’ve had some of their sausage at the Viapark and I love it! (And yes, I paid for it, so it wasn’t “free pork”, LOL!)

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