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Good News — Bad News

28 August 2013

The really good news is that the nasty-cold part of winter appears to be giving its last gasp. We will get a few chilly days early next week, after that it’s high 50’s into the 70’s+ for the duration. At last!!

Viapark Hotel is in Parque Del Plata, centrally located on the Costa Del Oro – Uruguay’s Gold Coast. This is the string of charming little beachfront villages that extend along the Atlantic Ocean east from Montevideo some 150 Kilometers to the world-famous jet-set destination of Punta Del Este. By most standards the climate here is mild; we might get a dozen mornings per year where early risers wake to frost-covered grass, but the white stuff typically leaves as soon as the sun hits. Prevailing winter winds from the south, however (next landfall off the beach that direction is Antarctica), bring plenty of humidity, which in turn yields a perceived temperature a good deal below what one might expect. It’s a small price to pay for the pleasure of  experiencing this grand little country, but nevertheless, few tears are shed as Invierno (winter) slides into Primavera (spring).

But, there is bad news. Not really bad, more on the order of disappointment/grumble. We sent a post around a few weeks ago testing the water (sic) to see if we might find enough folks to charter a bus and block some rooms for an ex-pat based run-away to the hot springs in Dayman – near Salto. (more…)